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Menshen Virtual
Open Campus

Access our annual conferences on menshen products.
Find out about trends, technology and innovations
in our products.

From March 4 to March 12, 2021
Live conferences on March 9.

Virtual Campus is now open!

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Menshen Virtual
Open Campus

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Our Virtual Open Campus

The Covid19 pandemic has dominated all of our lives for over a year now – no matter where we live on this planet, how old we are, or what dreams and concerns guide us. At MENSHEN, we hoped to see our customers, suppliers, and partners in person again in early 2021 to share ideas, new projects, and even a laugh or two. Unfortunately, between rigorous immigration laws, curfews, and global shutdowns, that wish may not be fulfilled anytime soon. But we still feel it is essential to share our passion and expertise for the development and production of complex plastic packaging solutions with our customers, suppliers, and partners. In order to stay in touch with you and our community, we created the MENSHEN Virtual Open Campus.

We have prepared this virtual meeting as a touchless option that does not sacrifice face-to-face interaction with our experts on the most important and relevant topics in our industry. Learn all about the changes that sustainable practices are bringing to our closure solutions, the future trends in cosmetic packaging, the use of mono-material, and other interesting topics. Our virtual showroom will be open for ten days. In addition, you can learn about and discuss our new products and innovations, our sustainability practices, as well as our ideas on the circular economy, our certifications, and our energy management, in live-streamed keynotes and short workshops on March 12.
So register today! We look forward to seeing you again at MENSHEN Virtual Open Campus to share laughter and ideas. Until then, stay healthy and keep your chin up!

Monomaterial plastic solutions

Circular economy is one of the most talked about topics in the development and production of plastic packaging and closures today. Mono-material for all packaging is an important part of this discussion, because products that use only one material source are the easiest to recycle. Not only does such ready-for-recycling packaging bring a competitive advantage, but it also has a positive environmental impact. As a global producer, minimizing the negative impact of plastic packaging on our environment is a top priority for MENSHEN. Closure solutions with mono-material are designed for recyclability, promoting the circular economy of plastics and helping our environment.

Benefit from our team’s expertise in developing innovative, sustainable mono-materials for weld spouts and PCR solutions for closures. Get to know our wide range of products and the benefits we offer at our Virtual Open Campus Days in March. Please register today and take advantage of this opportunity to learn more about our quality control processes, our international certification procedures, and our innovative and sustainable practices. We look forward to connecting with you.

Keynotes and workshops

How is sustainability
impacting closure
Future Trends
in Cosmetic
and Raw Material

Integrated Global Quality Management

Use of
for Weld Spouts
Innovation in Coffe
Capsules Business
 Live Stream of the conferences on March 9: 
9:30 amWelcome KeynoteWolfram Kobusch
9:45 amFuture Trends in Sustainable Cosmetic PackagingVanessa Sun
10:00 amDebate: How is sustainability impacting closure innovation?Veronika Zhao / Frank Römer
10:25 amCircular Plastics SolutionsEric Dauer / Meta Cigon (Borealis)
11:00 amUse of Mono-material for Weld SpoutsSarah de la Mare / Jan Wommelsdorf
11:30 amGlobal Integrated Quality ManagementHans-Peter Kaldeberg / Nuria Irles
11:45 amInnovation in Coffee Capsules BusinessJordi Guijarro / Eva Carrique Moreno
12:10 pmWrap-upSvetlana Rusakova / Michael Kleinsorge / Richard Price
12:25 pmKeynote & FarewellJochen Mahrenholtz